Being entertained is need of the hour due to the fact that human race as a whole is leading a phase that consists of constant physical, emotional and psychological challenges. Life is not a bed of roses anymore as all of us are working so hard to meet the ends, chase professional targets and take care of families or personal lives. Hence participating in amusement activities during leisure hours is a must to lead psychologically balanced lives. They help in giving a feeling of relaxation and renew our energy to focus better on the upcoming tasks. We could look for quick fixes during few minutes break timings or foolproof plan over a weekend or plan a proper vacation with friends, family or alone as per our personal preferences and family obligations. In the current generation, there are several means to get entertained and we need to tap on the right sources that make us feel rejuvenated and all pepped up for life until next break.
• Our smartphones and gadgets are the easiest and convenient means to take a quick break for few minutes or hours depending on the time we have in hand. They are filled with applications that bring the world of knowledge below our finger tips. Movies, music, comedies, games, books, videos, articles, reviews, history, recipes, DIY creative techniques… you name it there is everything on the internet and we can access them at any time of day.
• Television, radio, magazines or newspapers are different forms of mass media that bring exciting content to their audience or readers to make them stay connected. These are some of the oldest forms of entertainment that have been keeping humans busy and continuously making every attempt to bring entertaining stuff into the homes of their target groups. Live shows or sports, music, movies, thought provoking articles, current news from all parts of the world, competitions and so on are constantly keeping millions of people engaged. There are shows or columns on television,radio, magazines or newspapers that give peep into the lives of celebrities and famous personalities.
• Video games especially the ones played in the virtual world are engaging people since a very long time. They are getting better and close to reality to draw and keep the attention of players. Billions of dollars are spent on creating and releasing these in the gaming world for a simple reason that they are grabbing attention of players. They are easy to access as various compatible devices are invented to handle high end graphics and millions of users playing at the same time.
• We do not need to feel as slaves to the electronic or mass media but find a lot of entertaining activities without having to get connected to smart gadgets, internet or other electronic devices. Professional sports, simple outdoor or indoor games, pool parties, picnics, museums or art galleries, eat outs, excursions with family or friends, boat rides, fishing, painting, stitching, knitting, drawing and the list is simply huge to find those activities that make us feel satisfied and disconnect us from the regular life.
What does entertainment include? is an interesting question to answer for ourselves as each of us could choose activities that keeps us engaged and amused from the never ending options around us.